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released October 15, 2013

Chops: Marshall Jewell
Talks: Marshall Jewell



all rights reserved


Marshall Brooks Jewell Michigan

I do what's fun, solely for the fun of having fun. I don't claim be be great, but I don't think I suck.


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Track Name: Old Technology
There was this thing called VHS
Some of us might remember it
Okay, maybe most of us do
But that doesn't account
For these feelings I am going through

Remember Laserdisc? Remember that?
So shiny, I want it back
Cassette tapes, don't you get me started
Put one in a Dictaphone
Listen to that one time grandma farted

I like old technology, I love old technology

I keep a record player in my room
I'm not getting rid of it any time soon
I never use MicroSD, no
Microfiche is the one for me

Life must have been better way back when
These thoughts go through my head
Every now and again

I like old technology, I love old technology

Each night I lie in bed
With a single earphone in my head
Listening to my crystal radio
Track Name: You and Me
Hey, I like your car
That's a nice color
Do you see my shirt?
I like it because I like zebras
So do you?
I'm glad you do

Hey, them's some real nice boots
I'd call them boots, don't ask me why
It's a real long story
And you don't want to hear it
Oh you do?
Well I'm glad you do

Can't you see someone led you to me
Somebody upstairs is letting you and me be friends
Track Name: Don't Worry
Don't worry about whatever
Things will turn out alright
Don't worry about forever
You don't have to fight anymore
You've already won

Maybe you'll find your love tomorrow
You might be fortunate
It can't be helped by hanging your head in sorrow
You can't be forcing it

Don't waste your time
Don't sweat the small things
Be thankful for what you have got today
Life is good and great and wonderful
I want you to see that
Everything is good in its own way
Track Name: All I'll Ever Need
Why fill the void with folderol that I don't need
Why fill the void with idols that crumble at your feet
Collections, addictions, they all amount to nothing

You love me, why did it take so long
To see you're one for me
You're all I'll ever need

I can't take it all, on my own I stumble and fall
Back to the cross everyday I crawl
Praise the Lord, Praise the Lord
His love endures forever
Track Name: In My Upstairs
In my upstairs
There's a clock that keeps no time
Forever it is stuck
This old clock of mine

In my upstairs
There's a frame with no picture
Forever it is bare
With no picture there

In my upstairs
There are book upon books
Words and phrases
But no one ever looks

In my upstairs
Reside some old toys
Tiddlywinks and little cars
Played with by girls and boys

Memories are stored
Stored in my upstairs
Memories go and play
Go and play in my upstairs
Track Name: Sady Grey
I'm feeling old
This coffee's cold
The woman at the
Record store says
She likes my hair

I hate my car
The darn thing won't start
I wanna win your heart with candy

The two people in love
Never knew what
They were thinking of
So they fell in love again

The lights went out
So did my frown
A night on the town
Is good for your lungs
Track Name: My Darling
My darling, she calls me honey
Thinks all my jokes are funny
We have good times together
Just the two of us
Track Name: They Lied
From over here you look really tall
But to me that makes no sense at all

They lied to me
They said I could make it out
They lied to me

The breezes rustle through the leaves
The ash it makes its way across the grass
It's not so green anymore

I tried and tried and tried some more
But but I could not move the door

It lied to me
It said I could make it out
It lied to me

My life it shatters on the ice
The lake cracks and my life is gone gone
I always thought things were better
When it rained

It's falling down on top of me
It's always better when it rains
It's falling down on top of me
It's always better when it rains
Track Name: We Will Run Away
Hey girl find your nearest mountain
Run away and hide
Leave this world behind
I'm coming with you

And we will run away we will
We are we will not say goodbye

Hey girl think about the fountain
The pretty stuff's at the top
But the money's at the bottom

And we will run away we will
We are we will not say goodbye

Forget what we did
Let's just move on
Life has thrown us out
Life has let us go

And we will run away we will
We are we will not say goodbye
Track Name: Inner Thoughts (I'm Feeling Lonely)
I'm feeling lonely
I'm not sure where you are
I want you to hold me in your arms

You fled to a different state
And I could not follow
Tied up in day to day things

I wrote you a letter
You will never read it
"I hope you are doing better than me"

My car is in neutral
Here I go down the hill again
The feelings are not mutual

I won't forget but I know you will
I know you'll lose my name
I know you will